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DSCN2537I am Wendy Neri, a mama to three girls (twins plus one!), a wife to a freakishly smart geek, and a freelance writer, pretty much in that order—although it does change on an as-needed basis. I’m currently in the process of working on one of my lifetime goals, which is to write and have published both children’s books and a grown-up fiction novel or two. I will not be happy if I finish this life without having done so. That, and owning a beach house and a beagle.

I only sort of look like the mom doll in the photo, but my hair is not so bouncin’ and behavin’. Plus, she’s way skinnier, but whatever. We live in the middle of the desert—(well, it’s really a suburb by now, with sidewalks and stoplights, but “desert” just sounds more exotic. Besides, we do have to contend with rattlesnakes, scorpions and coyotes from time to time, so it’s not really a stretch.) Living with my quirky husband and mothering my equally quirky and oddly well-behaved daughters provides me with ample fodder for this blog. (Get it? Mothering fodder?) So since they’re the inspiration behind the blog, you should know a little about them:

DadMr. BK, a k a “Buzzy”: That’s the husband. The BK and “Buzzy” are short for “Buzzkill,” which stems from the fact that although he’s probably the most positive, optimistic person I know, he tends to start most of his sentences with, “You wanna know what the problem with that is?” Or, “The failure mode I anticipate with that is…” It’s because he’s a scientist/engineer and failure analysis is his job, so I get it. Kind of. I mean, detecting the failure mode of an airplane-engine starter is one thing, but in a new kitchen gadget, reusable water bottle or purse I bought, or a business idea I have are quite another. But that’s what happens when you’re married to an ACTUAL rocket scientist. (At least he used to be one, but he thought it wasn’t challenging enough for him. I know, annoying.) Then again, he can fix anything, knows about all kinds of stuff, and best of all, can help me with html code. Plus, he’s really good-looking in a John-Stamos/Dr.-Kovac-from-E.R. kind of way, which helps a little when he’s on my last nerve. (Yes, it happens, all of you who think I have the perfect husband.) We’ve been married for 21 years, and I could not ask for a better husband/partner, and our three daughters could not have a better father. I’m always telling them that when they grow up, they’d better marry someone as awesome as he is. That’s not setting them up for all kinds of future relationship problems or anything, don’t worry. So about those daughters:

NatalieTwin A: Our oldest by 20 minutes is almost 14 and is just about to enter high school. Since she emerged from middle school relatively unscathed, I’m hoping the same goes for high school. This girl is brainy and good at stuff like her father, and a slightly neurotic full-on germophobe like her mother. She loves gymnastics,  reading, writing, drawing, playing with her iTouch, Instagramming and talking a lot. I guarantee you, she will have blog of her own one day soon. But first, I have to steel myself to allow her to join Facebook.

NicoleTwin B: Our “middlest” is also nearly 14 (obviously) and also just finished the madness that is middle school. She is quite possibly the sweetest, kindest, most gentle person in the world. (Her preschool teacher compared her to Mother Teresa, so it’s not just me saying it!) You will never hear a harsh word or impatient tone out of her mouth (unless you are her twin sister, who is her best friend in the entire world and the only person to ever be on the receiving end of a rare bad mood). She is bright, thoughtful, philosophical and though she’s not the tallest kid on the block, she’s a basketball dynamo. She also loves nature, hiking, climbing trees, reading, origami, photography and sculpting extremely miniature clay figurines. She sometimes thinks she’s the Jan Brady of the bunch, with her twin being the “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia” of the two, but it’s simply not true. (Still, as a middle myself, I can relate. I am Jan.) She is quite possibly the most creative—and messiest—person I know.

NoelleLittle Miss: Our youngest is almost 7 and completely rocked our world as we knew it when we thought we were going to be a family of four forever. Somehow, she has managed to become the center of the household, or more like the eye of the storm. It’s not that she’s a handful by any means; in fact, she’s quite the opposite. She’s pleasant, hilarious, conversational, scarily perceptive and has never had a tantrum in her life. She is pure sunlight, and we all adore her and she knows it. She used to love Disney princesses, Polly Pockets, books, painting and Play-Doh, but now she loves Disney Channel, sparkly clothes and One Direction. She is keenly aware of her sisters doing anything wrong and calling them out on it. (Uh, oh…is she turning into Thindy Brady?)


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